Specialty Ceiling Systems

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Specialty ceilings are an economical way to address noise reduction while creating a distinctive, graphic look. They provide custom engineered unique aesthetics, typically consisting of products including planks, panels, canopies, clouds, strips, bars, beams, baffles, or tiles that are affixed to the structural components of the ceiling to form an integrated solution.
RG Specialties offers a wide range of sophisticated standard systems for bringing your ideas to life. Metal ceilings can improve spatial acoustics as well as the appearance of any room. Additionally, specialty ceilings are a reliable fire protector and also deliver a pleasant indoor climate.

Wall and ceiling products for extraordinary architecture

Lindner Usa

Interior/Exterior Specialty Metal Ceiling Systems

  • Wide range of Metal Ceilings for highest demands on technology, quality and design
  • Acoustically effective Ceiling Systems meet sound protection requirements
  • Reliable solutions for fire protection, ball-impact resistance and much more
  • Various architecturally appealing design and layout possibilities
  • Metal Ceilings impress with their easy cleaning and long-life cycle


The standard for fabric wall & ceiling applications in almost any environment. Patented site-fabricated system adapts to your ideas insuring a meticulous finish.

Newmat USA

Highly customizable stretched membrane ceiling systems with various finishes including translucent ceilings.

Kellogg School of Management - Northwestern University
RG Specialties installed Lindner radiant heating and cooling systems to reduce energy costs and create a superior working and studying environment for the students, professors, and staff.
Specialty Ceilings installed by RG Specialties enhance and elevate your space.
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