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For moisture management and efficiency, rainscreens are your go to solution. Rainscreens sit away from the building's exterior walls, creating an air cavity between the water-resistant barrier and cladding, which is vented at both the top and bottom. Any moisture that may pass by the cladding will then easily drain away from the building, accelerating the evaporation of moisture that may have been left from the ventilation. Additionally, rainscreens provide a solution to improve energy efficiency through the use of exterior insulation.
RG Construction views rainscreens as a building envelope support mechanism, whose main function is to provide barrier protection against water penetration and limit the amount of water potentially coming into contact with the primary building envelope’s moisture barrier. This functionality reduces the chance of water finding a way into the wall assembly.
RG Specialties Rainscreen installation at 953 W. Blackhawk Street
Protect your building with a custom, highly functional Rainscreen from RG.
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